Welcome to the European Water Ride DataBase

Water ride database
The database includes all stationary European water rides in theme parks and all travelling rides. Detailed, these are the following ride types:
  • Flume Rides / Log Flumes
  • Mini Flume Rides with at least one drop
  • Rapids Rides
  • Spinning Raft Rides
  • Spillwaters / Shoot the Chutes
  • Water Coasters and Super Splashs
  • Dark Water Rides with at least one drop
The database also provides an overview of all water ride manufacturers operating in Europe. Additionally there is a search function and statistics.
Water ride count
Registered users have the following additional possibilities:
  • Possibility to count all driven water rides
  • List of all counted rides in an overview
  • Ranking with all users and their counts
Help us
The database is permanently growing. Beside many facts about the rides, there are missing many pictures. When you have one (or more), do not hesitate to contact us. Beside English, German and Dutch, ewrdb will offer more languages. Possible translators can also contact us.